Rubinstein 1 sired 89 State Premium Mares and 66 Approved Stallions. He produced horses that could be ridden by all due to their outstanding temperaments. He achieved 40 wins at Grand Prix Level under his rider Martina Hannover, was a member of 1996 Olympic Team and fathered top auction horses and Grand Prix winners. Rubinstein's dam, Antine, was a full sister to three-time Olympic competitor, Amon, and two-time Olympic champion, Ahlerich under rider Reiner Klimke. Johann Hinnemann, the former federal trainer of the German dressage elite once said "when we consider a stallion of the century, we refer to Rubinstein. His hereditary transmission is unequalled in respect to rideability seating comfort, affability and preparedness to perform". He is truly a legendary stallion - and already part of the annals of history. Rubinstein attracted attention by means of this exceptionally high rideability and concentration. As the rider of Rubinstein, Martina Hannover once said, "Rubinstein has given me my great successes, I have to thank him for everything". During his lifetime, Rubinstein was regarded as one of the most accomplished, contemporary dressage sires. He produced horses with outstanding temperaments that could be ridden by all. Richmond H is definitely testament to this level headed, performance plus rideability.